9x9 Beginner Game

Dear all,

I am bloody newbee and this is my first post in this forum. I turn to you for a comment of move 35 of my opponent in the following game:

Playing white this is not my best game so far and there are a lot errors that I can see clearly, also I did not respond good to move 35. But from my own review it seems that I can rescue (parts of) my group and also the invading stones. So the move 35 seems like a mistake to me or is there a variation that I have not spotted?

Many thanks!

Yes move 35 does not work for black but it does not cost him anything since you have to play in your territory to defend, so I would not call it a mistake. The correct response was E2.

Very interesting actually! The move 35 is NOT a mistake (In some situations a similar move would actually be a great tesuji for increasing liberties in a capturing race found in many tsumegos, maybe black was afraid about something similar).

AFAI can see @Anticycle is completely right in saying that the move brings black nothing (apart from increasing chance of white mistake), but costs him nothing (white gains a point for prisoner, but loses a point for territory). I created a review to try to better illustrate, and also show the possible perks of such a weird move :wink:

Hope it makes things a little clearer, ask if it doesn’t :smiley:

Thank you so much, this is so interesting! While I have seen the capturing race, wouldn’t have seen all these variations by myself.