9x9 seki? Scoring

Hi, can someone explain how to score the corner at J9 please? is this screenshot correct? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Okay, the corner is a seki, because both black and white cannot play there. If one player would so foolish to play there, he dies and the other lives. So it is a seki (mutual life).
The points in seki are one for white (F9) and one for black (J9).
H8 is a neutral point. It doesn’t belong to black or white.

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Sad news for me then haha but it makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: thank you!

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Depends on ruleset.

Japanese rules have territory scoring, which doesnt give neither any points (eyes inside seki dont count as points.

Chinese rules with area scoring gives 3 points for black (1 for eye and 2 for living stones) and 10 points for white (1 for eye and 9 for living stones)


ah yes good point, thanks!
this was Japanese so you’re saying that all the open points in that corner should be ‘blue’ in this case? i guess it makes no difference because it’s 1 point each but maybe it could make a difference in other senarios?

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Indeed, techically both of those points should be blue since they are not points, but it doesnt matter since its even number of points. It can get more complicated with odd-eyed sekis where counting method actually changed the score.


Thanks! I’ll remember this for next time!