A brief PSA

We’ve heard a lot recently about the perceived lack of development and we want to assure our fantastic community that our developers are hard at work on the back end smoothing out issues like stuck game notifications, errors submitting moves, and erroneous timeouts. It’s hard to convey the progress due to the highly technical nature of the work, but please bear with us and thanks for making OGS the best place to play go online!


That’s why I picked up scuba diving – people can actually see it.

I do amazing mindbending work in programming but very few people understand it or can legitimately appreciate it.

It’s very annoying to me but it is what it is.

Know that I and many other programmers here are in a legitimate awe of your work.


Maybe keeping a public changelog would help? It really is mind-blowing how much time it takes to iron out bugs though. I’d imagine since OGS is far more complex than anything I even dreamt of coding…


Your fellow software folks stand behind you! Adding a bunch of new features without maintenance and “technical debt” time is a recipe for disaster. And there’s still an incredible amount of functionality already implemented.


totally appreciate what you do!


We’ll start updating folks regularly via social media (maybe in the forums also?) In general I don’t like to dump out commit messages because they can be less helpful than attempting to summarize… here are some samples from the last few weeks:

  • Ignore these stupid .DS_Store files
  • You’re -> Your
  • Trailing whitespace cleanup

We’ll do this every friday sometimes it’ll be pretty terse:

and sometimes we’ll have more detail than you care to know. We generally reserve the site changelog:

For super major changes.


I didn’t know there is a twitter account (and I dont use twitter usualy). So, for me it wouldnt be the first source to look at, when I need sometimes the feeling of moving forward.

It reminds me somehow, on the informations about the rank-system, there are informations!, but its hard to find

But more important: You dont HAVE to to blog your changelogs, only when you want to give the players on your server the feeling for progress (when they cant see it directly). Its your decision everytime.


Well, as @crodgers mentioned… we’ve had some folks who are a bit concerned that there isn’t progress. We are constantly working on OGS. We want folks to feel like we are present and actively working. I’m fine giving weekly status updates via certain channels.


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