A confirmation for pass

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this occurred to me a few times, where I accidentally clicked pass. In more than half of the cases the opponent just took the chance to win the game.

Technically, this is because I switch between analyse mode and playing mode, the pass bottom just sits beside the return bottom, and when the devices are slow, misclick can occur easily.

I think there should be a confirmation for the pass bottom. Since players are going to make hundreds of moves in a game, but will probably going to pass once. Putting such a bottom at a obvious place is a big dangerous I think.


DGS implements a similar safety feature. When you click Pass you get “Passing. Ensure that all boundaries of your territory are closed before ending the game! Hit “Submit” to confirm”. You can choose to Cancel. The warning about boundaries does not mean that filling dame is required, just that the territories should be well defined so the game can be scored. (It’s also a nice warning if you are playing under Chinese rules).

Controls should be located to reduce the chance of accidental, irrecoverable errors,

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