A couple of changes

The recent flood of new users has highlighted some issues in our game challenge/acceptance mechanics. In response we have made a couple of changes to the way live and blitz challenges work.

  1. If you accept a game and your opponent has abandoned, you will no longer get a two minute penalty before you can accept, or post, another game.

  2. Accepting a challenge, or having one of your challenges accepted, will close out any other challenges you may have posted.

We hope these changes help improve your experience on OGS. Please let us know how they work for you.


This is a great update for live games! I guess correspondence games are excluded from this rule?


That’s correct. :slight_smile:

Are these changes big enough to be placed on change log?
It feels nice to see the change log updated :slight_smile:


yes, that is a good change. once it happened to me, two games started accidentally. this is much better


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