A couple questions about OGS

A couple questions. How does one control whether or not you have to click submit beforemaking a move? At first I thought live games are 1-click and correspondence were 2-click, but I’ve had games of both flavors that were the exact opposite.

There have been several games that I set up that were set with an auto handicap but when the match started, there was no handicap, even though the difference in rank was more than 2. Am I missing something here?

There have been two or three games now where the main time has been set to something like an hour and then randomly when it’s my opponent’s turn, ttheir time turns blue with a blitz symbol and starts counting down a timer for like 2 minutes. An opponent lost my timeout this way and I don’t understand why that happened.

Any answers much appreciated!

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The settings for click to submit are in the Settings in the menu on the left. It should stay the same for the same game types though.

The lightning symbol doesn’t mean blitz, it actually means the opponent has disconnected or closed the browser window, or otherwise left the game. So it means two minutes to reconnect before he times out.


Yup, here: https://online-go.com/user/settings

But note that this is stored in a cookie, therefore it’s a device-dependent setting, meaning that you’ll have to set it for every device you use OGS with.

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Often times the ranks on the game page are misleading. I mentioned this too when I first joined OGS, but you eventually get used to the fact that they are either one higher or lower. So your opponent was probably only 1 rank higher or lower, since their was no visible handicap(if there is no komi handicap that might be a problem). I hope this helps, and have fun on OGS.