A Problem with Hidden Move Go

Hi, i just learned about [Hidden Move Go][1] and have a problem.

Let’s assume that our opponent’s hidden stone has only one liberty, I mean it is on(/in?) atari. But, he/she doesn’t know that because one of our 3 stones is hidden. So he/she plays another place and we put a stone to last liberty of that hidden move. In this position we have no idea that we captured a stone and our opponent have no idea that his/her stone is captured. Because of this, the table is wrong and it mustn’t. How can we avoid that situation without a 3rd person help? Any ideas or experiences?

Thank you all in advance.
[1]: http://senseis.xmp.net/?HiddenMoveGo

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As I think the hidden stones are not on the board, they are just opportunities. You can play additional moves to reveal hidden stones. Even in the opponents turn, after he/she moved to make him/her rethink his/her move. But until that point they are not on the board.

Btw I have never played Hidden Move Go but this make sense for me.

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