A question that's probably been asked before

Greetings. I’m Aaron. I have a question that’ll probably sound generic and has more than likely been asked before. It’s one of those “am I too old” questions. That being said, I honestly do want to know if 21 is too old of an age to learn Go and start playing it competitively. Sorry if I didn’t post this in the correct category, and sorry for the generic over-asked question. Thank you for your time.

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Hello Aaron,

21 years is not too old to learn GO, nor is it too old to play competitively. One can play in tournaments online, at local Clubs and at the GO congress. But are u really asking is it too old to start to become a professional and top tier enough to make a living? It would appear so, unless you are supremely gifted. Most professionals start learning quite young. And reach professional status in their teens. But one can still be quite a strong player and enjoy the game even if one is not a professional.

You are more than welcome to prove me wrong, and become another Lee Sodol. Good luck!


if the goal is for professional level, yes, 21 is too old to start go. I know many pro in Asia started their go career training when they were teenagers.

If the goal is amateur level, kyu or dan, 21 is not too old. It is good age to start


Kinda depends on where you want to be a pro, in Asia 21 is too old, in the west though it is not. We do not have anywhere near the strength of Asian pros in the west, this is in part because we are newer to the game as well as because our players don’t learn or play seriously until later in life.

Away, geezer! Shoo!

Nah man, 21? You’re a pup. The world is your oyster.

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When Roger Federer gets his 20GS in 30 years old, you ask me if 21 is too old to learn a game in which you just need to seat?
In China,someone has learned go in 40 years old and become the top1 named Xuxingyou in1700s.
In japan, people think you never become go’s top1 beyond 40 years old before about twenty years.

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