A strange resignation

Does anyone want to take a guess as to why this player resigned so early in the game? They just jumped ship after the fortieth stone. Did they get scared away by the brilliance of my plays or maybe they got called down for supper? My mind is boggling at this one…

Proably not scared of the (hopefully sarcastic) ‘brilliance’ of your plays but she/he might’ve had to go yes. It’s a bit too early to resign in that position on your level indeed, but Black had a really good advantage. White was just running and Black got to solidify so much territory on the right side. If I was White I would’ve resigned as well but it’s because my opponents won’t let me get back into game after getting so much.

Yeah - I was being sarcastic, but they started so aggressively and then just resigned without a word. I mean if they’d lost a big group I could understand a rage quit, but this puzzled me.