A system to put up banners for events?

I try to use OGS for my events times to times but several times the issue already happens, even if I annouce it before, nobody’s here to put up banners even though I contact many administrators…

That’s tough and frustrating… and people wonder why…

could you discuss really this subject, could you give me access to the annoucement tool only during those events or else… because I think I will have to use another go serveur if we cannot solve it :x …

All the best and thank you for your work.

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You did, and that helps a lot. However, the major issue was that I knew there was a gonna be an event, but did not know when there will be streams exactly and from what link. I am unaware about how these events precisely work, but if you can next time say exactly day before “we will be streaming at these hours from this link,” it would be easy to set up. Otherwise I cannot sit all day at a computer waiting for messages. :frowning:

If that is not possible, then that’s a problem, and I fully understand the frustration, but franky I do not see an easy solution.

Frankly (personally) I do not see that as an option. How do we then decide who to give it to? How do we say yes to you and no to someone else? If we just give people access to announcements all it then takes is one convincing smartass with a good malware site. :frowning:

Dont blackmail :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though, do you know of another server that would provide a similar service with the announcements? How do they do it? Maybe we could take some inspiration from them :slight_smile:

And of course our appologies for the frustration. But I am sure we can work it up before next time. :slight_smile:


I suspect that the best possible solution would be to have a public form with all fields necessary. That way people would know what they need to do to get a banner (at the moment it’s just contact someone, right?). And would know what info they need to provide.

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S_Alexander’s suggestion makes a lot of sense.

Maybe an option for mods to schedule banners to occur at a later time automatically, if such a tool is not implement allready, might also make it easier for planned streams or events to cooperate with mods to plan banners in advance.

The current system might tend to leave much to chance, which might, in turn, benefit streamers on the same time zone as more active moderators more than others.