A very new player, this is the first game I felt I was getting the hang of it. I still lost though

Can you help me improve the moves I made in this game?


Basically, you need to have an eye toward taking territory. White stakes out frameworks that grab points at the edge of the board (which is more efficient), while you played very slowly - often times strengthening your group while it was always alive.

Generally, try to build a framework, keep enemy stones separated, and keep yours connected.

Avoid “threatening to cut.” it’s a forcing move, but it just forces the opponent to connect, which is good for them.

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Thanks for the detailed review and advice. I’ve taken it on board and my games seem to be getting better now :smiley:

First few games, you may do better to play on small board – 13 x 13 or even 9 x 9. This gives you lots of play around the edges, and you get used to handling groups – size, alive or dead, etc.