A very strange score after opponent's resignation

After my opponent resigner he got 20 points and I just 14.5, although I obviously won. If I click the ‘estimate score’ button, it says 7.5 points for me, and 2 for him, which is obviously also wrong. I’m a bit of a rookie here…can someone explain how this scoring works? :slight_smile:

yes the scoring is wrong. sometimes the automatic scoring doesnt recognize a groups status (alive or dead). in such a case you have to decide its status manually during the counting phase by clicking it. you should always check for these things before finalising the score.

Edit: …yeah… i overlooked that it was a resignation :scream:
the score below the players names seems to equal prisoners plus komi. however this i the first time i even looked at it :sweat_smile:

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Apparently in the stone removal phase the black stones at the bottom left and right weren’t correctly marked as dead.

Sorry, I totally overlooked the “resignation” part :flushed:

Nevertheless, cf. https://ogs.readme.io/docs/playing-games, scroll down to “Stone Removal Phase”.

Also, the Score Estimator cannot really do its job as long as the game is unfinished and has open borders, etc.

All scoring below your names before the scoring phase is based on “strict scoring”, which is territory touching only your stones, plus prisoners and komi. In a resignation, you can ignore this completely as it means basically nothing. You could have 80 points and your opponent only 2 one-space eyes, but if your opponent has a stone in that territory, it’ll show 0 for you and 2 for your opponent, until scoring and that stone is marked dead.

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The “score” 20 to 14.5 is nonsense, and I agree it’s confusing. There is a request to remove it:

For estimate score, again the 7.5 to 2 is nonsense. But the “White by 19.5” is what you should be looking at. For this game it looks like a reasonable estimate, but the estimator can be wrong also.