About go strength

Hey! I am 3k at OGS.
What will this be equivalent to on AGA rating?

http://senseis.xmp.net/?RankWorldwideComparison this is a rough estimate

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We did a survey about this a few months ago (it’s linked in the senseis page too). In that survey, OGS - AGA had a mean shift of 1.57, or one-and-a-half stone gain from OGS to AGA.

But your current rank is 4k, right? Taking the survey as the data sample and your current rating (1764) as input, that puts the conversion at 1921, or 2k. If your true OGS rank is really 3k, then 1k AGA could be more accurate.

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Thank you very mcch.
I was officially 2d in China back to 10 years old when I was in 3rd grade.
I stopped playing since then until 6 months ago.
According to the conversion table, it means I am still a bit away from it haha.
Thanks again.

Yes, I am 4k right now. I was once 3k on OGS.
Another quick question.
I was officially 2d in China back 10 years ago when I was 10. I stopped playing since then until I picked it up about 6 months ago. (mainly play on OGS about 3-4 games per week, never seriously studied)
For players who stopped playing GO for a long time, is it for them to be as good as they once were?
Normally how long will it take?