Accept/Pass - what do they mean?

In one of my games I have the following comment from my opponent; “no take back please, only a missclick”. Instead of the usual button I have “Pass” and “Accept”.

What are these buttons? Is he requesting a take back or something? What will each button do?

“Pass” is always there whenever it’s your turn. You should only press it when there’s nowhere left on the board to play. When both players pass, you’re basically agreeing that the game is over and that the score should be tallied.

“Accept” only shows when your opponent has requested an undo, hence your opponent’s comment. Since your opponent doesn’t want the undo, just make your move as you would normally.

its ambiguous tho. it could mean that the player didnt mean the undo as change of heart but that it was a missclick

Thanks for the information.

I think you’re right - he clicked undo by mistake. The move he made was good - possibly the only move to make in that circumstance.

On a related subject, would it be possible to have the “Pass” and “Undo” buttons in different places? I once asked for an undo on a pass by accident, because I inadvertently double clicked the pass button.

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“Accept” should really say “Accept undo” or “Accept undo request” Just to remove future confusions.