Access -> resume games -> never loads

Using OGS is not something i do much frequently, but in all the last times i remember, i received notifications for a resumed game. I never clicked to see it, assuming that it would appear in front of me whenever i played something. But i played some games, and nothing happened but them. They finished, and then i was - again - free to browse around here.

Ok. So, there is a number of notifications in the upper right area, above my photo. By clicking there, i see the “restarted game” notifications. But when i click on one of them, something strange happens: an empty board appears with the warning “Loading…” over it, but this never ends. Minutes and minutes waiting… nothing. And the address bar, at this moment, for that window, has “” in it.

So, what is wrong with the games i played, or with the games in my account? (or something else?)