Accidental moves made while attempting to make conditional moves

I was playing a (live) game and entered the “Make a Conditional Move” mode. My opponent played a move right before I clicked to make a conditional move, and it switched back to normal play mode, causing me to actually make the move I was in the middle of clicking (I couldn’t react fast enough to stop the click). Because I use the “one click moves” setting I didn’t get a chance to cancel the move.

It would be nice to have some sort of confirmation or notification when my opponent plays while I’m making conditional moves, so that my clicks don’t become moves in the actual game.

Repro steps:

  1. Start a new game.
  2. White clicks “Make a Conditional Move”.
  3. Black places a stone.
  4. White’s view is forced back into the actual game (instead of staying in conditional move mode) – if White doesn’t notice and clicks, a move will be made in the game.

I’d expect some kind of “your opponent has moved” notification while not switching back to the actual game – at least not immediately. Or perhaps a dialog box. I’m not picky about the resolution as long as it stops misclicks.


The previous version’s behaviour was that it wouldn’t switch to the game, it would just change the colors of the buttons and links.
I agree that it shouldn’t switch immediately.

The current OGS version still does this. It happened to me yesterday.