Accidental plays

I havent been here long, but I find that I have lost a few games by making moves accidentally. The opponent is then entitled not to allow me to retract the move. Is there any way round this? Could a retraction be allowed in the first second or so whether agreed or not? Or could the interface be made less sensitve somehow? It’s annoying when you think you have done a grand job and suddenly you make an awful move by accident!

In your settings you can specify the move input options.

You can choose double-clicking or a button submit to eliminate those mistakes. Or just be carefull I guess :smiley:

Personally I have mostly positive answers when requesting undo. I think any self-respecting player grants an undo to his opponent if it is obviously a missclick. Also it helps to ask in the chat if you misscklick. The promt itself is easy to miss, and also it seems more polite to me.

Note that you can also “chain” undos if you want to grant it your opponent after you have already made another move.


ok thanks I’ll try to change the settings. I had a couple of times at least when undos were refused, but maybe the request wasn’t seen, so I’ll try to move on from the rage! Cheers

Yeah, the prompt is really easy to miss if you are focused on the game. Asking politely in chat usually helps


Opponents aren’t obligated to accept your undo requests for any reason. In go once a stone has been placed it can not be moved.

The best thing to do is what @Adam3141 has said.

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A technical note: Keep in mind that this is a local setting on your device resp. your browser (because it’s stored in a cookie, as far as I understand).


You understand correctly. If @izzythedram plays on multiple devices (eg. laptop + tablet + phone, etc.) you will have to set your desired settings on each device (and each browser if you play in multiple browsers for some reason).

If you have any kind of automatic cookie cleaning software, make sure you tell it to skip this site’s cookie if you don’t want to be going into settings every time you log in!

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