Accidentally passing too easy imo

My mouse frequently double clicks, but I imagine this can also be an issue for people with disabilities or people who play in too cold of rooms (I am also guilty of this). If I am in analysis mode and I accidentally double click on ‘back to game’ I end up passing. Personally this has happened to me on at least three occasions! It is made worse by the fact that it is not entirely obvious that the other player has played and the pass button is now present.

Please move the pass button, the back to game button, or prevent double clicks from registering on pass button.


Yeah, it’s a little problematic that pass, undo, and “leave analysis” buttons occupy the same space


yeah i have seen some of my opponenet doing the same thing … pass button andd back to game should be slightly aside

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I feel relocating the button would be an incomplete solution. A confirmation popup would fix the problem. When you resign, there is a box that asks if you really want to resign. Similarly, there should be a dialogue, “Are you sure you want to pass?”

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That was my original idea as well, but Mikasa pointed out that a confirm dialogue could be problematic for blitz games. I suppose you could just not have the dialogue in blitz, but I’d rather the UI behave the same in all modes.

What about moving the “pass” and “back to game” button to the right sidebar? That’s where the resign button is and by moving so, they won’t be triggered so accidentally :smile:


That’s a similiar delay to dialogue box.
What about making the latter an option in your settings?


@flowing That is definitely one thing we can consider…By giving users more options in their settings, they will be able to tailor their game window preferences better. :smile:

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Yeah putting the pass button in the side menu is the same as the dialogue box because if you pass in a blitz and a dialogue pops up you could lose on time :frowning: I know the resign button is there but if your gonna resign and lose on time accidentally I do not think it matters so much xD

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I’d like to revive this topic, because it’s been a long time and to me this is a straight- up design SIN. There is absolutely nothing more off-putting than even having the ability to lose a game by overlapping a button you are meant to regularly click with a button that, in most instances, instantly loses the game. It may seem small, you may want to say “well people should pay attention,” but that’s like blaming accidents on people not paying attention when there’s not a stop sign where one should definitely be according to street design.

The button needs to move. This doesn’t really happen too often to me, I think once, in which case I was livid for a few minutes, but it happens regularly to my wife, who is still new and uses the analysis mode much more regularly. This problem is amplified 10x by the use of a smartphone. Sometimes it will even register a single tap as a double click and you’ve passed without even knowing.

The button needs to move and occupy its own space, possibly just to the left or right, only visible when passing is an option. It is the only reasonable design solution. People are discussing a confirmation window option, that could be good, too, but to me it is not mandatory. If the button occupies its own space, you really can be held accountable for clicking it on accident. Moving the button to a nearby, but not overlapping space with regularly-used features is pretty much a mandatory fix from a design perspective.


This seems like such a potentially easy thing to fix but is easily a cause for serious frustration. I vaguely remember being annoyed by this when I first signed up over a year ago - I am surprised it’s still that way.


I should review the topic since the problem is not solved yet.

Just curious, what would you do when your opponent took such an advantage? I typically ask for an undo, if rejected, I would leave the game and let my opponent win by timeout.

This is probably bad etiquette, but would you resign the game?

The problem has already been partially adressed as far as I know.

People who are worried about misscklicks should be happy to select the “submit button” option in the settings. Under those settings a pop up confirmation is required for passing.

For anyone having problems with missclicks this might help a lot. Otherwise I (personally) am happy to not be bothered with a pop-up every time I pass and sincerely believe that most users I have met would happily grant an undo for a clear case of accidental pass… And while I would cope with a pop-up for “normal” settings as well, I am a little happier this way. Is it really such a common problem?

My experience has been that this is solved. I once misclicked on Pass coming out of Analyze Mode, and complained, then learned about the “confirm” setting, and it has saved me a couple of times after that.

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How does this work? I see three options, either (1) one click (2) double click (3) click+conform.

For live games, options (2) and (3) are not really an option, especially for mobile devices.

What I think is appropriate is add some safety procedures to the submit button alone (something like pass+confirm pass). Has this been implemented?

Hmmm? why not? I use submit on mobile, works well for me, no missclicks. (during blitz it could be a nuisance I guess, but blitz seems crazy on mobile anyway :smiley: to me that is…)

Yes, this is how it works when using submit button option, there is an additional pop-up alert. Which to me seems like a nice compromise as not to bother people who are confident they can hit the button with their mouse most of the time, but offers a good safety net for notoric missclickers (or mobile players) who might be happier using the submit button… But that’s up to discussion of course, to me it just seems kind of overkill with the pass button :slight_smile:

I only use 2 or 3 when playing on my phone… Continuous misclicks would end me!