Account can not log in

Dear moderators,

I’m new to the site (and also ashamed I’m not a good player but register here for my dad who’s a lifetime go player). I registered two accounts for me and my dad but the 3mushroom3 account cannot log in the forum for some reason. I did change username of that account so that might be an issue.

Please pardon my ignorance and appreciate your time to solve the problem. (the play site and forum site seem to be two different ones. I have to log in twice which is kind of weird.)

Hope this is a simple issue and really look forward to playing with my dad who’s 7000 miles away.


Hello and welcome (to your dad as well).

untill some moderator gets here, could you maybe elaborate a little on what the problem is, and what you are actually trying to do?

Are you having trouble logging into the forums or the OGS website itself? Because you do not need to be logged in to the forums to be able to play (which I assume is the point, to play with your dad…)

Managing two accounts on one browser can get kind of weird because of cookies and stuff, and a more detailed description of what you are doing might help.

Also, it is kind of dirty, but if you are having problems logging into a new account and want to use it soon, it might just be simplest to create a new one… (maybe with a different browser or in incognito mode)

Hi thanks for chiming in.

I did clean browser history and everything. The other account can log in to the play site but cannot log in to the forum. It gets this message:

"Login Error

There is a problem with your account. Please contact the site’s administrator."

But I cannot private message any of the moderators so I had to post a thread here publicly.

Never choose a handle leading with digits…

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Hey! Administrators must have done something. I can log in now!!!

Many thanks!!

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: Discourse (our forum software) has some protectionary things that kick in when they shouldn’t sometimes (they do a great job, but because of the way our account linking works, sometimes it can cause problems). Anyways, glad it’s fixed for you!

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I really love this site. It’s simple, self-explanatory and made it possible for me to play with my dad who’s literally on the other side of the global with virtually no delay and no need to install any software.

It’s simply wonderful and amazing. Thank you and all the people who made it happen.

It is indeed a little weird as I mentioned earlier that the forum and main site share the same user/pass but they appear to be two different systems. But nevertheless, so far I have nothing but good experience here.

Thanks a lot.


Well just to explain, they ARE two different systems. Forums run on a third party code known as “discourse”, that’s why it feels like something else. Can’t expect one man to code everything :wink:

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A good friend of mine, MindForce, experiencing the same problem now. @anoek, please, help him!

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Lots of my friends cannot login to the forum with the same error. Hope, it’ll be fixed soon.

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I’am here now. Thank you, my friend and thanks to @anoek! :sunny:

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