Account issue

Hey there. Having an account issue on my iPhone. It used to be I pulled it up and everything was logged in and saved. Now it says not able to connect to notifications and i have to log out and then back in. And then my created game preferences and my placing stone options (submit to place stone) are not saved and have to be done again. Any idea what is going on? Thank much : )

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As to solving this i have no idea… but its also a problem i have on chrome. My understsnding of this is that if you change devices or log in with another device the settings recert back to standard settings.

If there a solution of this with chrome as well that would be greatly appriciated

I was thinking. I play 19-19 mostly. Then wanted to have a separate 9-9 account. To see what my natural ranks would Be in each. That’s kinda when it started happening. However I don’t even use one of the accounts.

Game prefs are stored in a cookie in the browser, so …

If you use another browser or another device, you need to set your prefs anew for that device/browser.

It’s an iPhone so just safari I think

Hmm I clea we history. Seems to be working better.

Hello, as Tom said settings are stored in cookies, which is convinient bacause one often wants different input settings/theme on mobile and easier controls on PC for example.

Unfortunately it can of course be inconvenient in different cirumstances.

So to develop the idea, as long as you connect from the same device and browser your settings should be right where you left them. If not, someone or something is deleting your cookies. So I would first look for any privacy addons/adblocks and tried disabling them (just to test it out)/whitelisting OGS. (promise our cookies are nothing nasty :slight_smile: )

Of course if you logged in in private browsing that also purges any new cookies made in that session, so that does not count.

I am pretty sure Anoek is thinking about adding the option to save the preferences server-side (so something to look forward to if that would be better for you), but it will not be tomorrow.



Who me?


LOL, if that becomes an option there should be a note telling the user “touch only if you know what you’re doing”—for both switching it OFF and ON :smiley:

I imagine the number of support please for both cases being equally high—either people want to have different settings for mobile and desk- or laptop, or they will wonder why supposedly “OGS settings aren’t sticky” …

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Unless I do not understand correctly (which is quite possible), I believe that on the server side it is relatively easy to differentiate between requests that come from a mobile device from those that come from a desk- or laptop device (from the information that is automagically included in the request header). Then the settings would be saved in a device specific manner.

As far as I know, it is not possible to reliably tell the difference between desk- and laptop devices.

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Oh … THAT would indeed make the thing much easier.

Since I cleared my history on my phone everything has been normal. Good log ins and everything setting is saved.