Account Linking

Is it possible to link two OGS accounts? I want to keep them separate but I wondered if it was possible to link them to make it easier to switch between the two, for example? If not then I guess I’d consider merging them if that option is possible?
Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to merge accounts. I am at the front of the queue when that changes (not any time soon if ever).

If you wish to easily switch between two accounts then your best bet is to use two separate browsers or failing that option, to link the accounts with the friend feature for ease of access.


Thanks! Yea I do the friends thing and I tend to play my “correspondence” account on mobile and my “normal” account on pc, but still, the desire is there for those extra features to make them speak to one another! I think I created one using Facebook and the other using Apple so switching is a bit of a chore if I want to use the same device! Thanks for the info!