Account merge request - aguido => ahd

dear admins:

can you please merge the account “aguido” into this one, “ahd”? i had one on each server before the merge…

i want to end up with the username ahd but the history from both, plzkthx.


yes, really; this message is from my “aguido” account to confirm that both of them are me.


We plan at some point to allow this but the amount of work is pretty huge… so at the moment you may want to pick one and use it :slight_smile:

It looks like there’s no games under ‘ahd’, so one solution would be to simply change your username of ahd to ahd2, then change the username of aguido to ahd, and presto you’re where you wanted to be :smiley:


…or not. the name on various things did not change from “aguido” to “ahd” when i did this.

so, where do i submit patches to the OGS code?

The name update will take effect for future games, but for historical reasons we keep your old name for any games you started under that name.

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ah, that makes sense. thanks.