Account removal request

Dear admins

Is it possible to remove my account (Petr2) from OGS? I had an account (Petr) on old OGS before the merger and also testing account (Petr2) on this server. Unfortunately after the merge I am unable to use Google+ logging on my primary account (Petr) because it is already in use for testing account (Petr2). I tried to change the e-mail but it didn’t work. And because there were no games played on Petr2 account I think the best solution might be to delete it.

Thank you
Petr Minar

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Unfortunately we can’t delete accounts however we could you back into it to let you rename it or whatever you want to do. If you’ll send me an email to matburt@ … then I’ll take care of things.

Well technically I do not need to delete the testing account. All I want is to be able to use Google+ login in my primary account (I tend to forget the ogs password all the time). But now it is bound to the testing account. Both account have the same email address (gmail associated with google+). I have tried to change the email in testing account and hoped it would allow me to use google+ login on the other account. But I was not successful - after logout/login the email was back there… So is there anything I can do to slove the logging issue?