Accused of sandbagging

Hi everyone, my first time posting here :slight_smile:

I just had a game with someone I won’t name (as I’ve heard that’s frowned upon) and they messaged me after it asking why I was sandbagging. I’m a relatively new player and have been playing for around a year, on and off, and I’ve only really started recently playing on OGS. The person claimed to know two moderators who have warned them about myself and that I “should play honest” otherwise I will get banned.
They gave me a “warning” but I honestly don’t see what I’ve done wrong… just trying to play and increase my rank!

It startled me a bit and I just wanted to confirm if this is true or if the person was lying.
Thank you for your help, kindly appreciated! :slight_smile:


I mean your win-loss rate certainly does not reflect sandbagging (imo)? I’d say don’t worry about it but maybe ask a mod just to be sure?

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Is there a way to directly contact a mod? I was hoping one would see this post but I wouldn’t mind messaging them

Hi, sorry for the bad experience. You can find a “call moderator” button on the right side on the game site. Please report there, when the conversation happened in game chat. If it was a private message, use the report user button (in the dropdown when you click on the user name).

The username of moderators is shown in purple. Other users cannot issue “warnings”. If users are troublesome (impolite, cheater, …), don’t hesitate to report them. If the evidence is on the game site, please use the call moderator button on the right. It makes our work easier, if we don’t have to dig for the evidence.


Thank you so much, I was worried I was in the wrong somehow! I will follow those instructions and will remember in the future :slight_smile:


In chess websites sore losers will accuse you of playing with an engine. On go websites they will accuse you of sandbagging. This has nothing to do with you. It is unpleasant, but it will happen from time to time.

My advice is to take it as a compliment that you played a good game, report it and stop interacting with the person.