I’ve seen listed on a few player’s profiles achievements. What constitutes an achievement? How does one ascertain an achievement and could they be listed to the public? So others can themselves strive to earn acheivements?

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I’m not sure because I have none :cry: but I think they are typically associated with particular events that are advertised at the time.


Makes sense, I guess. I think it would be cool though if there were some kind of achievements list players could view and consider going after.

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I dunno any achievement besides the badges of the forum ( in the hamburger menu top right). If this is what you talk about.

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They mean things like this; they’re very new. Only a handful have been given out.



Yep! Do you think they will become a more integrated feature in the future? I think the idea of striving for OGS achievements is really cool. And if they do, what kind of achievements should be listed?


I had an idea a couple of months ago for achievements that could be earnt for playing a hundred 19x19 games in a given month, like how that was the requirement to earn the WDC badge.

I gave up because I’m no graphic designer, but my concept was to have these badges be simple squares with a colour indicating the season, so:

  • blue (winter)
  • green (spring)
  • red (summer)
  • orange (autumn)

The name of the month would be abbreviated to two letters and placed on top of the square, eg.

(with an almost-consistent first letter + next consonant notation, as one idea)

  • Ja January
  • Fb February
  • Mr March
  • Ap April
  • My May
  • Jn June
  • Jl July
  • Ag August
  • Sp September
  • Nv November
  • Dc December

The hover text would describe the badge in more detail, eg. the [Jn] badge would produce the readout 100 19x19 games played in June 2021.



One could say the same about determining someone’s worth based on the number of trophies listed on one’s page. It is those people’s “bigger is better” opinions that should be ignored. Like Dr.Suess once said, “Those who care, don’t matter. And those that matter, don’t care.” :face_with_monocle:

People spend an exorbitant amount of time crushing videogames, striving to unlock all the achievements. My Dad once spent one to two years playing Titanfall unlocking all the in-game and the Xbox achievements, which he succeeded in. People will crush and invest so much time into activities when there is a goal set before them which they feel emotionally keyed to complete it, and I think the same can be purposed to Go.

Theoretically, you could make it a community contribution. Make some sort of event(s) out of it and the winner(s) of these events get to add to the soup bowl of ideas that could/would be implemented into the system. Many ways this could be approached. The thought of collective brainstorming this concept into fruition is exciting as it is inspiring, to some degree.

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While I like the idea of having achievements to go along with and commemorate certain events, I don’t think Go should use potentially harmful psychological trickery to ensnare users the way so many other online games do. God knows the game itself is addictive enough if you have the bug.

I would also be wary of how an over-achievement orientated system might impact the way users treat each other.


Well said :thinking:. The last thing we need is to associate Go with games like Mobile Strike, Lords Mobile, and Clash of Clans; all of which subscribe to and utilize dark marketing.

Well, then we don’t make achievements a strong feature. They will simply serve as a little incentive to those who care to go after them.

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Bragging about any other than rating improvement should be condemned. :innocent:


Perhaps badges tied to real world events?

So similarly to how one can get a badge on twitch for having attended a TwitchCon, we could offer badges for having been to the European Go Congress, American Go Congress, or any of the national congresses, with hovertext or emblazoning indicating the year.

In fact, I’d be happy for organisers of smaller tournaments to be able to submit their own homemade badges into a simple dropdown menu interface, like we have for flags, where they could be selected and applied (in a gentlemen’s system) by players who’ve attended those tournaments.


Hmm? I don’t get what you mean due to the way you constructed your sentence. Would you mind rephrasing?

Sorry, no undo please :rofl:

You two are both too serious. :joy:

Good point. What do you mean though by, “although I’d be for removing them.”?

Understanding human addiction and such, you have made a really solid point. Beautifully said :thinking:.

I have actually seen that recently. I honestly felt a bit envious of that player, seeing they had such a magnanimous poster under their trophy window. So I whole-heartedly agree with that as well.

I guess the idea of achievements is fun, and probably could benefit as an incentive to those who value them. But the reality is that problems may arise within people, likely seeds of insecurity and unhealthy desires to, “collect this achievement!”. In the end, it would not behoove the larger OGS public who may fall prey to the negative aspects of “badges”.

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This is a serious conversation. We are both giving our opinions and brainstorming the question I posed. With the coming conclusion to this thread, I will leave this conversation with a buzz of pleasant contentment as I got to have a mind to mind collaboration of communication with another human being :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Thank you @S_Alexander for sharing your thoughts and conversing with me :handshake: