Active game doesn't show up on home page

Yesterday I received a notification that my opponent resigned in an ongoing game ( However, on the game page the game is still active (and if anyone, I don’t think he is the one who should be resigning). On my profile page the game looks finished and it also doesn’t show up on my home screen together with other active games. To add to the confusion, my rating was not updated after the “win” except for the one in the graph which now shows a different rating than the one shown together with my profile info and in the statistics panel. Does anyone understand what’s going on, or could help me fix it?

Odd indeed, can I quickly confirm that from the game page you have clicked the “Call Moderator” button? Often that can have a faster response time than relying on a mod to see a forum post :slight_smile:

I didn’t but you are probably right that I should. Thanks for the suggestion. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to use it for technical problems instead of just bad behaviour, rules interpretations etc.

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From what I’ve read in other forum topics, the general advice is that if anything goes wrong in any way the first thing to do is press that button. Of course, should the problem resolve itself you can always cancel it :slight_smile:

I looked at the opponents profile. The game has been moved to the completed section, but neither his rank nor his graph show any change.

Think @anoek is the guy to tag for this one.

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That’s very interesting, still looking into what happened there. I’ve manually adjusted your rank in the meantime.