Add "Languages" profile setting

The region flags are a nice touch, but in the first place, most people don’t even set it away from the default UN flag (or use one of the joke flags) which don’t help much in this issue.

If you let people set which languages you know, then when you play with someone, it could show with icons the flag of location and any shared languages. It would avoid the hundreds of times one person asked the other what languages they knew.


Yeah that’s a great idea

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I wonder if that new feature will encourage more people to learn Klingon :smile:


ngugh pagh tu’lu’chugh, bech Hom bopummeH chut tlhIngan wo’.


I don’t know what you said sousys, but i liked it.


Bing translator makes the following of it:

Care to tell us what you said?

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I wish i remembered… Something about the wrath of the empire being suffered… naturally.


Hey, I want to bump this suggestion. I saw how they showed languages (in not such a great way), and thought it would be a good addition here.
Is there an issue for this already in github? I didn’t see it.

If you can search language and not find it just make a new one :slight_smile: I agree this would be a cool feature to have.

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