Add the games I am watching into Home page

Can I add the games I am watching into my home page? I like to watch others play and learn from them. For the slow games, can we have a watch list in our Home page? If I can get the notification, that will be wonderful. As you know, the slow game might take weeks/ move.

(I know, I can also book mark the address. I am hoping to have everything in OGS.)

Thank you


I know it’s not what you’re asking for, but on your profile page you can add personal notes. You can paste links to games in here and maybe add a comment for players/move no/context/etc.

  1. Go to profile page
  2. Click edit under your profile picture
  3. Scroll to the text box below your rating chart
  4. Add games / notes / whatever
  5. Go back up the top and click save (where the edit button used to be)

This is a little convoluted, but at least keeps it all on OGS.


Thank you
Just want to make sure I understand. Are you suggesting to add that game’s URL in my intro?
If so, it works but I need to edit it again when game is over. Maybe, book mark that game will be easier.

Can we add the feature like facebook which if I add something into the chat of the game I am watching. When there is reply or move happened in that game, system will send me the notification.

Thank you

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Hi, there may be a OGS default section to list active watching games. How we can request a feature?


Also yes.

Almost certainly. I was attempting to give you a workaround that conformed to your desire to…

This seems possible to me based on features we already have… but I imagine it would still be a fairly significant project… it’s been requested a few times, but so far has not sparked the interest of any of our volunteer code contributors nor made it to the top of “things the dev wants to get around to at some point”

So, until either of those things changes (and asking here is definitely one of the best ways to spark that change), it seems the best workarounds are browser-based bookmarks, manual comments in your profile intro, or some kind of external note-keeping software.

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Thank you for detailed replies. Got that!
Ideally, I suggest:

On Home page: have a watch list for the games others play.
On the extension/notification, it will also notify those games when making move.

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