Additional UI filters for the Games Tab: board size, player skill, time control, and boards view per page

Hey there,

As a newcomer to Go, I would like to be able to have filters to help me watch games that interest me.
Here are the list of filters I would like to see in addition to the number of games viewed on the “Games” tab…

Additional UI filters for the Games Tab

1. Board Size

I’d like a drop down to select “All, 19x19, 13x13, 9x9” (and whatever other board sizes are allowed, or, have the list be dynamic, based on what’s being played at the time of the drop down [but that’s more expensive to compute]). Optionally, perhaps a “Games Tab Preferences” button that would take me to a list that would have all the view options, check boxes for selectors, etc.

2. Player Skill

A drop down to select “All, 5d to 9d, 1d to 4d, 5k to 1k, 10k to 6k, etc…” or optionally have a range selector in the above “Games Tab Preferences”.

This is important to me so I can find the quality level of game I want to observe.

3. Time Control

A drop down to select “blitz, standard, whatever” (whatever the time controls are allowed). Also in the “Games Tab Preferences”

4. Boards views per page

I have a 4K monitor, and can easily display 27 games on a single page, and possibly 36 if the page navigation can fit down where it currently is. Please add at least 27 or perhaps the ability to enter a number and have that persist between sessions.

So that’s the list! I hope others find the list useful and can help add any details or user experience improvements to the descriptions.

Keep up the great work on OGS Devs! :smile:


Hadn’t heard anything on this post…

Is there an official feature request mechanism here on OGS, or is the forum pretty much it?


If you scroll down on the main site, you’ll see a link to “Features Requests & Suggestions”. That’s the official method.

I’m sure this has been noticed by the devs, and I believe there are previous threads with them mentioning this being a feature on the list to be implemented eventually, but I think they’re trying to iron out some of the bigger things first.

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Ahhh, awesome! Thank you for letting me know about that feature of the site. I hadn’t seen that bit down there.

I posted the description there.

Have a good one!


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