Adjust my ranking please

I used to play Go gosh 20 years ago but have not played since. Like many the alphago matches have spark my interest again. When registering I did not see how to reflect my past experience. I didn’t feel right claiming to be a beginner, but I never had a ranking, we were just playing face to face on a board. So I just blew past the rating question and ended up with a higher rating than I deserve. How can I correct this?

You’ve already done it by posting in the forums maybe say what rank you think you should be, also you might get a quicker response posting in the help chat, which can be located under the global channels.

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Thank you for your response.

I have been looking far away to contact someone at online go but I have not figured out how to post a message to anyone there. What do you mean by “the global channels?”

I have no idea regarding level. I am happy to start as a rank beginner and earn my rank, but perhaps that is not fair to my opponent. I have won and lost games against the computer at 21k, so maybe 21k?

On the chat page of OGS on the left hand side of the browser you will see all the channels you are in. Click on the global channel tab and a list of all channel you can join will be shown, from there select the help channel.

You can contact any moderator by private message simply use the top right corner search bar to search for their name and go to their profile. Then click the send message button.

A list of moderators: VincentCB, mark5000, mlopezviedma, calantir, tinuviel, anoek, matburt, Revar_Isave, pathogenix and thouis. They are the ones with the purple names you see in chat.

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Thank you!