Advice for getting back into the game?

Just took a long hiatus (since April), but I’m craving this game again. Anyone have tricks to dust off the go mind?

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Best way to get back in to go, is simply to start playing go. Nothing else can dust off the old go playing mind than a good game or two to really get back in to the feel of things.

After that there are go problems, and then there are videos if you so choose to watch them… But really there is nothing better than just throwing oneself in to a game.


I’d suggest playing games and asking for reviews here in the forum or IRL.

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You’ve played both in the past so I’d suggest getting back into it with live games before you start too many correspondence games but most importantly of all:

Have fun. :partying_face:


just play, there is no other trick


Perhaps some of the easier Tsumego problems? I’m not sure where your level is at, but it might get you looking at the game in different ways. Although I do agree with the others, the best way is to simply hop back on that bike and RIDE BABY RIDE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I recently got back into it after a couple of years away. What helped me:

  • Starting with some 9x9 games to get a feel for the game again
  • Doing some beginner problems, here on OGS
  • Playing a few bots
  • Using a friend to help me get the courage to play live games again
  • Dusting off Graded Go for Beginners Vols. 1 &2
  • Watching Dwyrin’s Back to Basics from the beginning again

Having someone to learn with is a huge help too.