After game AI not working

I always analyse my game susing Katago (?) the cheap AI service. But now it is not starting . Does anybody have the same problem?

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same here. Maybe the admin can look into it? There is no response for any feedback after clicking the AI analyze button.

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Thanks for your reports. @anoek has been notified it’ll hopefully be resolved soon.

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Thanks for pinging me, I think we’re in good shape again


Thanks it seemd to be working but it has just jammed half way through a review.

Could you try refreshing your browser tab? Other games are completing reviews as expected. Do you have a link for the game you are experiencing problems with?

It seems to have recoved .now. Thanks for the help.

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AI not working :frowning:

It seems to be, is there a particular game that’s having trouble?

Mine is still not right. It goes about a third of the way through the game and then you can’t create branches anymore.

This was the game that jammed. BuriBuri vs. bartel

I have the same issue. It used to be after a full AI review, the AI would suggest the optimal move for every position. It now only suggests moves if I deviate from the game record. A sample game where I have this issue: Alexandros vs. larson.josh

Update: seems to be working now, except for that one game.