Aggressive player (5k vs 6k)

This is a game between me (6k-KGS) and a 5k player, in which I played aggressively. I rarely approached the game like that, but today I’m not in a good mood. The problem is that, it looks like my opponent play quite well (I think so), but his territories were gradually invaded. If it’s another moment, I don’t think I can do so, but of course, with pro, they can always. So, my question is, if I were white in this game, how could I do to protect my potential territories?
Thank you in advance.
PS: In fact, I always play on KGS. But I know that OGS is a very good forum. So I post my question here. Thank you once again.
solt0723 vs. praythuong.sgf (742 Bytes)

First, just to clarify, white had a zone of influence at the top, not territory. It is expected that black can still invade.

I think white did pretty well at the top. The two black groups are not alive yet, so white can still squeeze some out of the attack.

Similar comment in the top right, R17 is a regular invasion. In the game, both black and white make mistakes. White could have killed with S16 instead of S18.

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