AI Feature Request: Best+Worst Moves

Would be cool if i could ask the AI: what were the 3 best moves by black/white? what were the 3 worst? I can see i make many blunders :-p… but it would also help if i could easily ask the AI what am i doing correctly/wrong? Instead of sifting through all the moves and trying to keep the largest % change in the win rate in my head.

Please could i have this for xmas? pretty please?!

EDIT: Am aware of “top 3 game changing moves”, and i like that. But i want this more specific feature too on top of this.

The “top 3 game changing moves” are the 3 moves with the biggest negative win rate change. They are both colors combined, but not for each as you’re suggesting.

While it’s quite easy to find where you went wrong (big win rate losses), it’s hard to decide what moves where correct. It’s even harder to create a top 3 for it. The AI would say the move it suggests is the correct move, but in some cases a human would advise against it, since it leads to a complicated position which you probably cannot handle. And additionally how to order those moves (and select a top 3)?

While it’s quite easy to make 2 worst move lists (1 for each color), the opposite is much harder.

The information you’re seeing is (almost) all the AI tells us. We cannot ask it what you’re doing right/wrong in a more abstract sense (like you should improve your … skills or play less/more aggressive).

What tools and information would help you to use the AI review feature more efficient?


I think the top 3 game changing moves are essentially the worst 3 moves (according to the AI). At any point in the game, the estimated probability of winning is assuming that the players continue playing the best moves (according to the AI’s judgement), so the only way to change the game is to make a mistake that decreases the win rate.

I think it might not be possible to find a big game changing move that increases your own win probability estimate.

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