AI review 9x9

I see some AI tips for 9x9. Is review fully supported for 9x9 if I become a supporter?

Hello Swisscheese2 and welcome to the forums.

To answer your question - yes, site supporters get full AI reviews for 19x19 13x13 and 9x9 boards.

Nevertheless (and at the risk of taking a saw to the branch we’re sitting on :laughing:) an AI reviews are generally regarded as not a good way for a beginner to learn. Basically while AI can detect the optimal move it cannot tell you why it is optmial and often the reason may be simply way too complicated to understand for a newer player.

If you are considering the support as means of learning the game, there might be better options such as teaching games and reviews by stronger players, online tutorials and videos… All potentially for free until you get stronger.


Thanks for the quick informative reply. I am 5k and find the limited AI helpful. Suggestion to correct your web page that says AI is not supported for 9x9.

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Ah, pardon my assumption then, given the new account I though you were new to Go as well.

Not sure what you mean now? In English it seems to be stated correctly. Is it perhaps a translation error? Which language? Or do you mean somewhere else?

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Not sure where I saw it but one web page said 13x13 and 19x19.

Now I became a supporter. But I don’t see any change in the AI review. I only see a few moves analyzed per game. How can I get full game reviews?

The supporter status reviews apply to your games and are done soon after a game is completed. You will get a notification when the analysis is complete.

If this is you Swisscheese2 then you haven’t played any games with this account yet.

Behind the arrow on the right hand side of the win ratio bar you can find a button to trigger an AI review.

I am logged in under Swisscheese2 and have played many games but now I see that on my phone app I am under a different account. When I open in the browser the account changes. Very confusing. Now i logged out and back in under correct acct.