AI review doesn't consider passing?

It seems the AI Review doesn’t consider the idea of passing when there a no more useful moves?

For example, I won the game by 0.5 points, but the AI thinks I am certain to lose. Looking at why, it appears to be because it plans to fill all the dame squares and then play inside my own territory (for no apparent reason).

Is this just a weird edge case?

part of Tromp-Taylor rules, which is the ruleset we train AIs with. It doesn’t quite understand Japanese (because Japanese is hard to teach a bot), so because of Tromp-Taylor rules it thinks that all stones must be captured, that dame is important (area scoring), and there’s no penalty for filling


Also, since it uses area scoring it considers komi to be 7.5, so all Japanese games where black is winning by 0.5 will be believed to be white winning by 0.5


Technically, different Area Scoring rulesets often have different recommendations for Komi. The Leela Zero weights file can also be trained for different Komi values.

You say that like the current one isn’t the result of over 2 years of training :stuck_out_tongue:

I say that like a nerd who collects weight files from the internet; organizing them by ruleset and komi, recording the backstories about how each was trained, and drooling over reports of weight files currently baking in the proverbial ovens of greater Go nerds scattered across the globe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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