Alignment issue - white space at the left of the board

There is no way to make “chat/review/info” area (B) wider. When I widen the browser window, huge useless area (A) is created at the left side of the board while right side area (B) remains at same width.

Can this be fixed somehow so the right area gets wider? Or maybe add an option to move the game analysis (where you see the moves) below the board?

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I personally prefer to have the board in the middle of the monitor.
I also don’t see much benefit from having a wider chat/review/info area in the screenshot you provided. It seems really spacious.
That’s just my preference though and it would be great if the UI would be overly customizable like some 3D modelling programs are.

It’s actually nice to have a larger area where you can see alternative moves.Right now it can get really crowded. I usually download the file because of this.

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You can expand it (vertically, at least) by clicking and dragging the resizing icon at the bottom-right of the move tree.

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