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Hey all,

After a message from a fellow redditor earlier today, I finally got around to create a game tree for all the AlphaGo(d) games: 60 as Master, 50 selfplay games, 5 against Lee Sedol and 3 earlier self play games.

Link to sgf files (all games, all games played as black and all games played as white) :

Eidogo link for all games but I always recommend using Drago for easier use and full data:

Steps to do you own trees:
1- Get Drago, it’s the best app I could find, though it can’t process large databases. I wouldn’t recommend using more than a couple tens of thousand games per tree. I tried to create large trees of professional games based on the decade they were played in, but no luck the app just crashes.

2- Create a database with all the games you want to include in a tree (Database/Create Database). Then just pick the folders you want to include.

3- Filter your database on pretty much anything you can think of, you can even imput straight SQL for god’s sake! Then go to File/Collections/Make game tree.

4- Pick the parameters you wish, I go 400 moves in depth and 10 in unique moves. Though I’m not really sure what those parameters influence as the help file isn’t very detailed.

5- Click Start and Voila!

Enjoy and feel free to discuss what you take away, if anything, from these files :wink:



EDIT: New Eidogo/DL link with the Go Summit games added. The new archive contains 2 folders: the trees and all the games (123) i used to create the files.

Enjoy and feel free to discuss what you take away, if anything, from these files :wink:




Why not upload it natively to OGS platform, since you are posting here anyway?

I tried to do it when I created something similar a few months ago, but it doesn’t seem possible (yet?) to upload sgf to a demoboard.

Menu -> SGF Library -> Upload :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I can upload a single game file, but those tree files are creating an error 500.

Hmm… interesting. It might be worth filing a bug report - ?

Also, thanks for the compilation, good job!

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First 21 moves of every game AlphaGo played as black. Including Fan Hui and new 5 self plays.
Everything rotated to minimize number of branches in first few moves.


I am trying to upload a larger than usual game file myself, and am running into this same error. Any news?

Hi, sorry for the late answer. Still no news on this matter, can’t upload large files to OGS