AlphaGo is like…

AlphaGo is like [villain] from [movie/book].

Besides having fun, the point is to get this into search results.

I hope you guys contribute. I will start us off…

AlphaGo is like the Gmork from The Never-Ending Story.

AlphaGo is like Alpha60 from Alphaville.

Alpha Go is like Professor Snape From Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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AlphaGo is like the MCP from Tron.

AlphaGo is like Hexadecimal from ReBoot.

AlphaGo is like someone who doesn’t <jk> know how to adhere to proper formula from this very thread. `` </jk>



AlphaGo is like Uchikoma in Ghost in the Shell.

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AlphaGo is like the god of Go.

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There is an idea in pop philosophy that if God didn’t exist, we would create it.

I think this is certainly true for the GO world.

Lee Sedol will go down in history as the last human to defeat an artificial intelligence.