An apology for my behavior in the chat

Hi everyone, I was recently chat-banned for spamming the English chat room with some silly stuff and wouldn’t stop, and I wanted to apologize to the mods and everyone for doing that. I know it’s annoying, it annoys me when other people do it, and I just wasn’t thinking. I hope all the mods will give me one more chance, I really love this community and the people here, and I want to keep being a part of it. I hope you will let me come back.


Well, since this wasn’t the first time =^…^= it might take a little bit of convincing … the procedure is either to talk to moderators … best to try with the mods with whom you probably have already talked to, namely when they asked you to stop it :wink: or you can try this:

No guarantee, though, since I’m not familiar with your history here.

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Generally it’s her spamming meow in chat.

Interesting XD ~Meow