An idea for a "physical interface for OGS" - Feedback required


I saw such a goban IRL years ago (maybe 10) in China. Each intersection had a red LED (I think it was blinking to signal a move). The idea was not to connect to the internet, but have a built-in go software.

Also, the Shanghai museum of science used to have a robot arm that could play gomoku. A bit more elegant than the contraption in the video shared by @ehomba.


Meanwhile, for a real investment, the LEDs will run you around 0.5¢ a piece :wink:


Thanks for teaching me the word “haptic”.


I want to see it in a poem now :wink:


Usually instead of haptic you’d use tactile but here you go:

A poem

The blind man’s vision
is soundwave collision

The deaf’s audition
is haptic transmission

The numb’s sensation
is smell and gustation

Anosmics’ olfaction
is tasteless abstraction.


digital distance bridge
stones better by a midge
some crave the haptic
subtle pleasure synaptic
so build the board
add to our hoard


This has been done a few times and senseis lists a few. The one from ruiqi seems to be commercially available in China.

I was also playing with the idea but was not really happy with the sensor solutions I could come up with. The easy solution (with pseudocode like smurph showed) would not allow for setting up i.e. a problem and have that automatically notated. So I would want recognition of the stone colours too.


Thanks for the link @og1L. I found a video advertising the product on taobao. Mom is worried that her son is ruining his eyesight on the computer, and buys him a $500 smart board. I like how the lights are placed around the intersection rather than on the intersection.


Is there any credible evidence for “computer screens ruining eyesight”?

Computer vision syndrome is not nearly as romantic. The American Optometric Association uses it to describe the discomfort that people report feeling after looking at screens for a “prolonged” period of time. When screens pervade the field of vision all day, what counts as prolonged? (Moreover, reports of discomfort seem like not much to predicate a whole syndrome on.) But the AOA’s treatment of the syndrome is intriguing. This is the so-called 20-20-20 rule, which asks that screen people take a 20-second break to look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes.

The remedy helps us reverse-engineer the syndrome. This suffering is thought to be a function not of blue light or intrusive ads or bullying and other scourges. It’s thought to be a function of unbroken concentration on a screen 8 inches to 2 feet from the eyes. The person suffering eyestrain is taught to look 20 feet away but she might presumably look at a painting or a wall. Twenty feet, though, suggests it’s depth she may be thirsty for.

(Src: Wired)

“The short-term effect of digital eyestrain is not cumulative,” Dr. Tina McCarty, an optometrist from Minnesota and member of the AOA Public Policy Committee, told Healthline. “The eyes will get better when you give them a break and/or wear the proper eyewear in the form of lenses and coatings based on the patient’s specific needs to minimize eyestrain.”

(Some random website)

According to Dr Blakeney, an optometric adviser to the College of Optometrists, computers will not permanently damage the eyes; however, they can cause strain or exacerbate existing eye conditions.

This article comes with a collection of sources.

Not convinced. But I recall reading that most Asian™ kids have good vision when they’re at kindergarten age, yet as they spend more and more time studying, more and more kids need glasses. Solution for the mom: let your kid play outside more, instead of forcing him to study. ;D


Give that kid some slack :wink: He got mom to spend $500 (maybe more than a week’s income) on a cool goban.


Any Idea what material the board’s most outer layer is made of? It looks wooden but the LED can shine through. Interesting …


I guess it’s the same material used for wooden LED clocks (MDF).


For reference.


Veneer perhaps?



to be fair, is only around US300


the article says is PC matte film (google translate)


Well, not on the page I linked to. Maybe you found it somewhere else?


oh they must have changed the price. Was RMB2980, now 2000, just for chinese new year.



thanks so far for all your comments and ideas. They encouraged me to think this idea further. I have spend some time to do some research and brought my thoughts onto the attached picture.
I named the project AjiBoard, because it is a board with a lot of opportunities :slight_smile:
I already started the implementation of the AjiServer and a (non-physical) test client. The MVP will be an electronic client that plays against Gnu Go via the AjiServer. Next version is then to build the board itself and write the OGS plugin for the AjiServer.
Feedback appreciated!