Analyze mode improvement

Recently I found that when I use analyze mode during game it is visible to my opponent.
I think it will be good to have some button to make analyze mode private.
It will help with planing some good tactical moves.
Also it will help people who can’t keep next moves in their minds without showing them to opponent.

Analyze mode is private unless you share a variation.

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this could have been a demo-board. that is the only way others see your analysis

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Not sure what do you mean.

When I press ‘Analyze game’ button and make some moves within, it is visible to my opponent?

No. If you are analyzing a game your opponent cannot see the variations unless you specifically share them.

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Would make for interesting games if it weren’t so

…so by share - you mean hit “Record,” right? Is this true even when you highlight the ‘book’ Icon? I just noticed that when I ‘record’ a sequence for instance as “Variation bm1” with the book highlight (and with the “Malkovich logs are not visible…” sentence is can be seen in green, when I check the game as a guest, I can still see my malkovich logs. So I must be doing something wrong, because, clearly, my opponent should be able to see my M logs if they log out. ???

Using the Malkovich log presupposes that you trust your opponent not to log out and check your M log.

I for one use the Malkovich lot all the time—I see no reason to mistrust my opponents.

Also, if they would read my Malkovich log …

  • They would actually honour me because it would mean they were so stunned by my moves that they had to resort to such things :smiley:
  • I’d hopefully learn something because they’d probably find a way to refute my devilish world board domination plans.