Analyze mode

Hello. Im fairly new to this site. I see that one can revise or analize one’s game? I suppose that is a good feature to progress to learn? Where can I find instructions on how to make use of it? Thanks!

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hi :slight_smile:

first of all the two are different. The analysis function is an in-game feature that allows you to play out sequences, without committing the moves, the review function generates a separate sgf-file that can be commented on and enhanced with variations.

you can learn more here:


The analyse mode simply lets you play out variations to your game.

If you click on the “forward one step” button under the game, or select “Analyze mode” from the right hand menu of your game (near the player names) then you can place new moves on the board to see what they look like.

Doing this after the game is widely accepted as a Good Idea to review your game and what you might have done differently.

It is incredibly tempting to do this during the game as well, but I think concensus is that this isn’t actually good for learning, it’s more of a crutch, because you are using the tool instead of developing your reading skills.


Many thanks for your help. I"ll study and experiment with your input.

This is very helpful. I am going to follow your very clear info.

It seems to me that if one loses a game, then is a good idea to go to the analyze mode to see what one could have done better, correct?

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Yes. As Kickaha pointed out, after the game there is a very similar function called “review”.

Usually people “create a review” using this function, and see what they could have done better.

The difference is that you can record comments alongside the different moves when you create a review.

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thank you. Why would one care to record comments?

Either to remind yourself what you were thinking, or more commonly because one is reviewing someone else’s game, and the comments are explaining what you think.

You possibly have seen quite frequently here in the forums “review request” posts - that is what the person is asking for.

Here is an example of a review that a kind person did of one of my games:

The circles in the game-tree display that have a blue ring around them have a comment about that move.