Android app for setting up go problems

Many Chess apps let you set up a problem and play through it against the AI. Is there a GO app that will let me do that? I’m working through the book “Lessons in the Fundamentals of GO” and it would be very useful to play the example positions.

This is possible on a desktop with an sgf editor like GoGui or Drago.

I’ve no idea about Android apps.

There are a bunch of apps with built-in problems. Just search for tsumego in the Play Store and you’ll find many. I don’t know of any that let you program your own puzzles, but at the same time, putting in the puzzle and it’s solutions would defeat the purpose.

Gobandroid - android app - would probably fit the bill. You can set up a board in edit mode, placing pieces of either colour wherever you want them, then switch to play mode when you want to alternate. You can also play against the bot and it has a bunch of tsumegos built in

No app can beat a real board for setting up and working through Go problems.

That’s very true but a bit tricky in the car :smiley:


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