Android Web Wrapper App developed! Looking for testers!


I’ve recently developed an Android web app for OGS, and am wondering if anyone has any interest in being a tester. You can send me an email at or reply here and let me know. I can send you a copy of the app.

It’s available for free on the Google Play Store here:

I can also share the source code for those who are interested.


Awesome, now I wish I had an Android device!


I played a bit with this. It loads super fast compared to android browser.
Is it possible to change the layouts in the app? or are they just a mirror of the web version?
I’m thinking about the forward and backward buttons. They are annoyingly small. (like in browser also)

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With this version of the app, since it’s a web wrapper app, the buttons will be small in the app, too, since they’re small on the website originally. :\

In a future iteration, I may plan on making a full native app and use the API, in which case I’d be able to have more control over UI elements like that.

Thanks for the feedback!

Created a group for anyone interested in this to join!

Thanks for the suggestion, Pempu!

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I am also interested in testing coleki :slight_smile: I have both an Android phone and tablet at my disposal.

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Great! If you wouldn’t mind sending me your email address I can send over all the info you need! You can also join the Group linked above.

Updated original post with a link to the Google Play Store! Please leave me a rating! :slight_smile:

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I’m downloading it right now, but just wondering will we get a notification when we get a message?

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Unfortunately not in this version. To get notifications would represent a pretty big re-design… but I am planning on doing that in the future!

awesome but Web wrapper has its limitation like the already small navigation button icons on Web, especially when using mobile browser. I would like to be a tester if there is any new enhancement to the app. already downloaded the wrapper app from Play Store. it looks and feels the same just that I can’t zoom in. though it’s nice that the app automatically fit the board to the width of my screen. awesome attempts.

I’ve been using OGS on Android for some time in Chrome (just for correspondence moves, though). This looks exactly the same :thumbsup: , except it doesn’t remember my settings, e. g. textured board/stones, coordinates, sound volume… What mistake am I doing?

I have the same issue as baelofoax. The app works well but does not seem to remember anything, I noticed because of the tournament notifications coming back each time I open the app.

Also, one thing I noticed:
If I leave the app through the home button or recent apps button and I reopen the app through the app icon, it does not remember where I was. So if I temporarily navigate away from an ongoing game, I have to find that game again when going back to the app. It does work okay when I navigate back to the app, via the recent apps.

Apart from that, I’m pleased with it! Avoids having to find the correct tab in Chrome or manually navigating to the correct site.

There’s a neat trick for OGS in Chrome. Navigate to the page and ‘Add a shortcut to the launcher’ via menu (it is probably named differently, I’m translating back from my language).
It stands alone in the recent apps and it is fullscreen.

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Ah I can try that as well :slight_smile: But first I’ll be using the new web wrapper app for testing.

Thanks for the reports! Those are features / settings that I haven’t messed with personally so that is why I really like having testers. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at that and see what may be causing the settings to be forgotten.

In relation to the app forgetting where you are if you close it, that is expected behavior. If it is still running in the background and you access it from the recent tab, it will remember where you were. If you don’t, it will be just like closing the tab in Chrome and then going to again in a new tab.

App has been updated! Version 1.0.01

Now has an “Are you sure you want to exit?” confirmation message when a user presses the back button.

Wow, you’re the best. Here is a feedback. When you play 19x19 live, it’s very likely to mis-click. I can think of two possible solutions. First option is thatyou leave a “confirm” button (as in correspondence games). Second option is to magnify the board upon the first screen touch and accept the move as the second touch (this is used by PandaNet app). Thanks for the good job!

happy to see an app lately! im downloading it thanks for the effort :slight_smile: and the best part is: it doesnt want any permission.

I’d be interested in testing!