Another question about AI reviews, sorry

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something.

I was watching this game (btw yay OGS) and afterwards I waited for the review (it was set on Katago*), but I didn’t see the usual percentages and colorful circles so I thought maybe I should ask for full review, so I requested a full AI review**. I got a message saying that only if I’m a player in the game I can have a full AI review, which ok I understand. But now I’m seeing circles and colors randomly at moves. For K9 I get a best-move-blue-circle at T7 and a minus-50-white-circle at K9. I also got a circles at a random move around 140 as I was clicking around, but now it has disappeared.

*Still not sure what the differences between the different AIs as far as reviews are concerned are.
**Still not sure what the differences between full and simple AI reviews are.
Also, still not sure if full AI is automatically selected for supporters or I get the simple one and have to ask for the full one. I usually get the circles and colors without any additional action after a game is finished. It just occurred to me that I’m getting the full one when I play with another supporter and they ask for full AI review, but who knows.
Is it just me, I’m not able to make my way around the different threads, posts, and FAQ about AI or the relevant info is not presented in an easy-to-follow, understandable, all-in-one-place manner?

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I started a full review for that game as soon as the game ended. For some reason (probably high load on the review server), the review took exceptionally long to start. The full review is now available for this game.

All about the AI review should be in the documentation:

Only the players (when supporter) or moderators can start a full AI review. When you are on the game page when the game ends, a full review should start automatically. If it didn’t, you have to start it manually.

The full review gives you variations for every move, the free only for 3 moves. Also the win rate - move plot is more reliable for full reviews.


If you or your opponent on OGS are a site supporter, you get full access to one of 3 flavors of AI review - for the game you just played. Higher level site supporters get more expert advice, but even the lowest level AI review is very high level for a DDK like me. At this point, I can’t really tell the difference between high-dan advice and pro-level advice because it’s over my head.

If neither of you are site supporters, you only get the “3 moves which caused the biggest change in move percentage” AI review - which can also take some time to crank through the calculations.

For me, it has been a REALLY useful learning tool - in that it provides you with move suggestions and 8-move look-ahead for each of those suggestions. It’s a great assistance in reviewing one’s own games and learning better options for various situations.

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