Another review request 16k versus 15k

I would appreciate a review of my recent game. ( I played black as Wulfenia and lost by 30 points.)

My opponent is also interested in the review, so you could comment on both our moves. I am aware of some stupid mistakes on my part during the endgame (atari-blindness plus forgetfulness about another little atari that I left unconsumed because of some more urgent moves), but I am less sure at what point it would have been better to invade the right lower area or whether I should have pressed less hard to kill the large group of my opponent that survived anyway. I would also be happy about comments at what point which player had an advantage because I am still very bad at estimating who is about to win.

Hi esmeyny. I just did the first few moves, but I feel there was a lot to talk about.

You both did pretty well for your ranks, especially black, but you both seemed to struggle with finding the big moves and the important areas and counting. I included some diagrams and a method for counting you might try out sometime. Enjoy.

Thanks a lot for this review!
Many aspects of go can be trained just by doing puzzles or playing games, but the reviews also convey your way of thinking about the game which is very illuminating for me.

I find the sketched regions for counting especially useful because I am quite aware that I have no idea how to tell who has the advantage and I think that it is really the next thing to learn. Probably, it will also help a lot with identifying big moves.

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