Any chance to open a 3rd group?

Seems for creating groups there is a maximum of 2. Any chance I could set up a third? I already have 2 (small) active groups running. Now I want to do a zoom introduction advertised for by our local cultural center. I’d love to have a closed playground for the participants (should there be any). In all likelihood I will delete the group again a bit later.

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I guess a work around might be to create a new account to start the new group, and then you could even set you main account as an admin of that group.

However, if there is a built-in limit to how many groups you can create, I’m not sure if such a work around might be accepted, but it might be okay with permission, like how you are seeking here.

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Summoning @anoek, IIRC he can do that if justified, as it seems in this case.

[ heh :grin: I saw @Adam typing and switched to 256 chars/min :laughing: ]


I think anoek can boost your group /ha, seems Tom beat me by a few seconds :smiley: / limit if you active in that regard, let me know if you would preffer that, but

This is indeed the fastest option if you need only one extra.


Oh wow I didn’t realize there was a limit. Is the limit just on creation? Or number of groups one admins?

Pretty sure it’s just creation.

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Thanks, I did that now. Worked fine, though I felt a bit naughty. As a nice side effect I could test a bit with invitation, transferring admin rights and so on. Boy, did I feel powerful when I rejected the request to join when the former founder of the group (my alter ego) asked! :smiley:


I recently brought this topic up again.