Any Dutch speakers willing to give a 25k a teaching game?

Hello, this request is not for myself, but someone else. I’m currently in a teaching game with a beginner who needs some help in learning the basics. We’re on a correspondence game, but recently I found out that the language barrier is due to the other player using google translate on all of our conversations, keeping me from helping the maximum. Since I still want to help, I was wondering if I could find a teacher that speaks his/her language.

If you are a patient person who can speak Dutch and is willing to do a teaching game with a beginner, please let me know by Chat or PM. Even DDK players should find it a useful teaching experience. Thanks.

I’d be willing to help; but unfortunately I consider myself a beginner still and I don’t really know how to do a teaching game.

Hi photonic,

I’ll be happy to, being a native Dutch speaker and considering myself patient overall.
I am about 10k so that should leave some room for some pointers to a 25k.
Never done a teaching game though, but I happy to figure it out for her/him (or the two of us could do one before? I am sure with your 7k I could get a useful tip or 2).
Feel free to pass my handle on.