Apart from the silly ending, what were my mistakes in this game?

Hi there

I just lost a few games in a row so I’m questioning my game and could use some input on this game:

Please ignore the stupid ending, that might have changed the count quite a bit but by my estimation not the result - I’d lose anyway.
In hindsight I don’t like the moves 92-97 as well as my reaction to move 117. Any other advice is welcome!
(I was white, 0.5 Komi)


For 117, simply extending at K10 was fine since u also realised that u had too many cuts and gave away they stone you played in the actual game in the end

92-97 wasnt particularly good but your opponent made them good for you. Left a few variations for you in your game.

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Yeah, 92-97 shouldn’t cause you to lose too much sleep. the immediate exchange wound up favoring you a bit.

Other than that, Hiryuu’s variations covered the salient parts of your inquiry more concisely than I could, though if you’d like a full review I can do so.

Thank you. The variations are helpful.
@kitten1 yes, a review would be great. This sequence was just one thing I saw as a mistake, but I have the feeling that I was already slightly behind at that point.